ReWild Magazine - Issue 01

ReWild Magazine - Issue 01
ReWild Magazine - Issue 01
ReWild Magazine - Issue 01
Product image 1ReWild Magazine - Issue 01
Product image 2ReWild Magazine - Issue 01
Product image 3ReWild Magazine - Issue 01

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ReWild Magazine is designed for those who want to feel more connected to our planet, wild places, wild animals, and our wild selves

"If you are wondering how you can bring more adventure and time outdoors into your life while not completely giving up your 'modern life'... then, ReWild is perfect for you."


What's Inside This Issue

ReWild is a digital magazine that covers content in eco-adventure travel, conservation, sustainable outdoor gear, innovative technology, and deep ecology. In the first issue (July, 2020), these are the stories featured:


The Heart of the Karakoram Range Revealed

A high altitude adventure through the frozen world of Pakistan’s Karakoram Range to reach the base of the world’s second highest mountain.


A Tiny Island in the Philippines Shows How Protecting Sharks is the Key for a Sustainable Economy

A journey to Malapascua Island to find out how scuba diving tourism creates jobs, stops illegal fishing and allows local people to be part of the conservation solution.


Forest Medicine: Getting Back to Nature for Better Health

An introduction to the art of forest bathing as a way to reconnect with the natural world. This piece will walk the reader through all parts of a forest bathing trip, from a threshold exercise, to breathing and grounding techniques, to a tea ceremony at the end.


ReSurface: How Surf Therapy Is Successfully Treating PTSD

An interview with the founder of ReSurface, Josh Dickson, who tells us about the transformative power of the ocean, surf-therapy retreats, and flow states.


CrazyCap Uses UV Technology to Make Clean Water Accessible and Sustainable

An overview of the CrazyCap technology which sterilizes water and cleans plastic water bottles using a universal water bottle cap with an integrated UV light. 


How to Upcycle a Backyard Compost Shed

A step-by-step guide to building a backyard compost shed using recycled materials based on the author’s experience upcycling a compost shed while caretaking a farm in Costa Rica.


Nepali Porters Earn 50 Dollars for a 11-day Trip to Everest Base Camp, but Customers Pay Thousands

An interview with Nate Menninger about his new film, The Porter, and his mission to raise awareness about the financial plight of porters in Nepal.


Conservation Through The Lens of Mindfulness

A comprehensive review of the book Conscious Conservation, written by wildlife veterinarian and certified meditation instructor Dr. Hayley Adams.


Get your issue of ReWild now.

Get ready to re-wild yourself and learn what you can do to bring more adventure and time outdoors into your life while not completely giving up your “modern life.”

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