Winter Overnight Hike Checklist

Winter Overnight Hike Checklist
Winter Overnight Hike Checklist
Product image 1Winter Overnight Hike Checklist
Product image 2Winter Overnight Hike Checklist

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This checklist is designed to give you an idea of which pieces of gear are essential (that is, what’s non-negotiable and must be brought with you) and which items are optional for an overnight hike in winter. Keep in mind that the optional gear we’ve included will either increase your safety, increase your comfort, or both.

When considering what additional items to bring for your trip, take into consideration the location of your trip, the time of year, the forecasted weather, your experience level with hiking, your familiarity with the trail you’ll be hiking, and what you personally prefer for creature comforts. This checklist has been specifically designed to help you better decide what to bring depending on your personal needs.  


 Checklists included:

- Winter overnight hike (PDF file).


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