Outdoor Clothing 101 - Video Course

Product image 1Outdoor Clothing 101 - Video Course
Product image 2Outdoor Clothing 101 - Video Course
Product image 3Outdoor Clothing 101 - Video Course
Product image 4Outdoor Clothing 101 - Video Course
Product image 5Outdoor Clothing 101 - Video Course

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If you're not sure about what you should wear on a hike, you aren't alone. Many new hikers find themselves bringing too many clothes, overheating too much and ending up feeling miserable outdoors. 

Hiking should be fun and with a bit of planning and knowledge you can choose clothes that will make you feel comfortable and prepared on your next backpacking trip.


In This Course, You'll Learn

  • How to dress properly for the outdoors so you stay comfortable in any weather condition.
  • How to make informed purchases that will last you for years.
  • What clothes to bring to any type of hike, so you don't overpack.
  • How to wash your clothes properly so they last you longer.


Course Outline

1. General Clothing Concepts

  • 1.1. Layering basics (1:49)
  • 1.2. Key fabric properties (4:42)
  • 1.3. Types of fabrics (4:52)
  • 1.4. Five things to consider when choosing a clothing item (2:42)

2. Base Layers

  • 2.1. The goal of a base layer (1:19)
  • 2.2. Base layer materials (3:06)
  • 2.3. Base layer weights (1:34)
  • 2.4. How should a base layer fit (1:24)
  • 2.5. Warm weather base layers (1:37)
  • 2.6. Thermal underwear (1:43)

3. Mid Layers

  • 3.1. The goal of a mid layer (0:59)
  • 3.2. Types of insulation in a mid layer (4:46)
  • 3.3. Features to consider in a mid layer (3:16)

4. Outer Layers

  • 4.1. The goal of an outer layer (1:00)
  • 4.2. Types of weather protection (3:10)
  • 4.3. Types of weather shells (1:21)
  • 4.4. Features to consider in an outer layer (2:52)

5. Footwear

  • 5.1. Types of hiking footwear (2:40)
  • 5.2. Things to consider when choosing hiking footwear (3:47)
  • 5.3. How to fit hiking boots (2:18)
  • 5.4. Things to consider when choosing hiking socks (2:59)
  • 5.5. Should you wear 2 pairs of socks or just one? (1:51)
  • 5.6. Wearing gaiters while hiking (2:35)

6. Clothing Accessories

  • 6.1. Accessories for cold weather (2:20)
  • 6.2. Accessories for hot weather (1:33)

7. What To Bring On A Hike

  • 7.1. Clothes to bring for a summer hike (2:19)
  • 7.2. Clothes to bring for a winter hike (1:53)
  • 7.3. Overpacking? How NOT to bring too many clothes to a hike (2:27)

8. Clothing Strategies On The Trail

  • 8.1. How to stay warm in the cold (2:55)
  • 8.2. How to stay cool in the heat (3:35)
  • 8.3. How not to overheat in the rain and snow (2:05)

9. Clothing Maintenance

  • 9.1. How to wash waterproof rain gear (2:11)
  • 9.2. How to wash merino wool (1:17)
  • 9.3. How to wash down (1:40)


About The Instructor: Antonio Cala

Antonio was born in Spain and is one of the co-Founder of The Adventure Junkies. He's been hiking for more than 15 years all over the world and on the 7 continents, including Antarctica. During these years he has spent a lot of time hiking and camping in different environments, from desert areas to tropical rainforest and high altitude mountain terrain.

As one of the creators of The Adventure Junkies, he is passionate about helping people getting outdoors through practical and actionable education. With a coaching and teaching background, plus his extensive hiking experience, he is able to combine everything into an easy to understand and practical course to get you up to speed in no time.

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